Gross Glockner Ultra Trail - pain, joy and happyness

GGUT is in reality a series of 5 races around iconic Austrian peak of Gross Glockner. The original course of famous GGUT has 110km of length and belongs to toughest races of European alpine ultra trails. The route is technical, but quite a big difference can make the weather which shuffled the cards nasty just few years back.

However, GGUT is not only 110km single race. It’s big event with very personal but still professional approach of organizers. You can participate in either of following races which have still the registrations opened! Following courses will take place from July 29 through July 31st:

  • GGUT 110 km - round trace along the Austrian’s highest mountain - Grossglockner (3.798m)
  • OTT 80km - shorter, but still epic route for those, who don’t feel going 110k
  • GGT 55Km - Grossglocker Trail is a race slightly over marathon distance, with great views. Still a bit of hardcore race :)
  • GWT 35km - Weissee Gletscherwelt Trail – shorter distance, fast, though still technical race with great experience in mountain trail running
  • GGUT 110 / 2 - team relay race of 2 members

Even this year, like in 2021, the GWT 35k trace won’t take you up to the start by a lift, but you’ll need to climb it on your own. Rudolfshutte in 2315 m above sea level will be reached by you on your feet. Never ending climb will let you shortly catch the breath during breath taking views and then you will have to rush for a bit down the hill to climb again towards Kapruner Torl at the height of 2639m.

The Kapruner Torl pass is guarded by mountain guides who will send you down to the snow fields to experience a bit of skiing in the summer and from there you “just run” loooong way down to the finish. :) Sounds easy? It’s not, but still I definitely recommend this race as first experience and an opportunity to try fast time mountain trail race.

If you’re ITRA points collector, GGUT will distribute your portion of points accordingly:

  • GGUT 110 - 5 ITRA points
  • GGUT OstTirol Trail 85km - 4 ITRA points
  • GGUT Grossglockner Trail 57km - 3 ITRA points
  • GGUT Weisse Gletscher Welt 37km - 2 ITRA points
  • GGUT 110km Run 2 48km (first relay) - 2 ITRA points
  • GGUT Run 2 62km (second relay) - 3 ITRA points

Oh, almost forgot – GGUT 110k is even this year a qualifying race for Western States 100. You “just” have to make the full course within 28 hours. And it shall not be shortened – for example due to bad weather.

Whole event and all races are organized very professionally with high focus on safety of participants. At the same point, the crew keeps personal and friendly approach. You can feel the crew does the race with joy and love.

Did I wake you interest? Cool, go ahead, the subscriptions are still opened! :)

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