Salewa Pedroc Pro 22l - backpack for any sport

As part of this year's Six to Nine campaign Salewa introduced the new Pedroc product line. This collection is designed for fast movement in the mountains, combining quick hiking with lighter running. Among the products in this line is the tested Pedroc Pro backpack with a volume of 22 liters (there is also a version with a volume of 16 liters). This volume is suitable for day trips or fast hiking expeditions lasting 2–3 days with minimal equipment, where it's crucial to have a lightweight and reliable backpack.

22 liters provide enough space for essential gear for a reasonable adventure. The backpack can accommodate spare clothing for descent from the summit or as backup clothing. And even though it doesn't have a dedicated laptop pocket, a laptop can fit inside. While it doesn't have an integrated rain cover, it does have a surface DWR treatment. Personally, I haven't tested it in heavy rain, but during milder rain, the interior of the backpack remained dry.

On the outer side of the lower part, there are two mesh zippered pockets. Thanks to the elasticity of the mesh, they can hold quite a few things. The left pocket inside contains a slip pocket for a mobile phone or a similarly sized item. Although it's probably not waterproof, it provides some protection for the phone during hiking in light rain.

The side pockets for bottles are spacious. The compression straps allow securing poles or a bundle of clothing, minimizing movement inside the backpack during more demanding terrain.

The roll-top closure system of the main compartment is a classic feature of hiking backpacks. An alternative way to access the main compartment is through the back zip, which is useful, for instance, when wearing gloves or for quickly finding items. While it's not entirely compatible with the organization inside the backpack, it allows quick access to the gear.

The back sweat prevention system, although often promised, actually works better here than in competing products. The padded back construction is comfortable, although exertion and sweat during lighter aerobic activities like cycling, mountaineering, or via ferratas (under reasonable conditions) are inevitable. For ski touring, the backpack is suitable only if you don't plan to attach skis to the bag. Pedroc Pro doesn't come with straps for that purpose.

One thing worth mentioning – the back ventilation system... well, that beautiful orange foam board unfortunately has a tendency to pick up clothing color... well, one can live with that :-)

The backpack easily fits a via ferrata set for two people and still leaves space for additional drinks in the side pockets, which are quickly accessible.

I appreciated the option to insert a hip belt into both side pockets. Just unzip the dry zipper at the bottom of the pockets, and the belt can be easily rolled up on both sides. This design makes cleaning the pockets easier if they get dirty, for example, from mud from folding poles.

The shoulder straps are padded, which is great for hot days when you don't sweat under the full width of the strap. They are also comfortable for longer wear. However, they are more sensitive to twisting if the backpack is worn over thicker clothing layers.

And yes, did I emphasize that the backpack is very lightweight? For its volume, it's pleasantly light and easy to handle. It's the type of backpack that motivates you to pack lighter, although it ensures comfort even in demanding conditions. It's the kind of backpack that tells you, 'Forget about this with me – take lighter gear, and we'll move fast.'


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