New Salewa product line - Ortles

Salewa introduced new Ortless family products. The product line is intended to be most reliable in any situation you might face. As reliable as i fit was your best friend.

Maybe that’s why Salewa represents the reliability on a story of an alpinist and adventurer Gabriel Tschurtschenthal, who despites his visual impairment climbed many peaks together with friends Vittorio and Mathias. His friends are the ones most reliable on his adventures as they literally replace his eyes. But the more of Gabriel’s other senses feel the nature, the mountains.

Whoever climbs or hikes in mountains knows well, how important safety and reliability on the friends is. Gabriel has in his friends perfect backup. Visual impairment of Gabriel’s makes movement in technical terrain difficult for all of them. That’s why it’s important not to thing or get distracted by discomfort or disfunction of any part of their equipment. You know even small discomfort in the beginning will become big problem through the hours of climbing.

Not only for Gabriel’s sports life but for all Salewa users, there’s new product line called Ortles. The short story was just representing the reliability for extreme scenarios which products deliver (well, they deliver reliability - not extreme scenarios :).

What are the most precious pieces of the new collection?

Ortles 3L GTX Pro Stretch jacket and pants

Jacket and pants are made three-layer laminate with stretch panels in most exposed parts. This year are “in” nice recognizable colors for mountain gear which increases the passive safety.

Jacket’s hood is made for use with the helmet. The inner stitches of hood contain silicone parts to avoid sliding off the helmet. One of the chest pockets is compatible with Salewa Direct Access System for operating the avalanche beeper. Also, it’s equipped by waterproof YKK zipper.

Ortles Ascent Mid GTX Boot

Next product is the GTX shoes for all kind of mountain adventures. Safe steps and good grip in the mountains are essentials for enjoying every second out there.

Model Ascent is compatible with crampons and have Vibram Alpine Guide outsole. It’s designed to move in icy and rocky terrain.

The shoes have 11mm drop. The Ascent balances between cushioning and stiffness to deliver best performance in day long treks in the mountains.

Ortles Guide 35L Backpack

Last major release in the list is the Ortless Guide 35L backpack. It’s designed for hiking/climbing and skimo. Weight of the Guide backpack is 1280g or you can get 45l version with weight of 1340g.

Visually interesting is the back air vent system “Dry Bag Contact carrying system. Salewa is reducing the amount of contact points with back and thus increase the ventilation. At the same moment, trying to keep the content of the backpack as close to body as possible. It’s for higher stability and control of heavy cargo.

You can use 2 different ski attachment styles on the backpak. Skis can be attached on both sides or cross the backpack diagonally. Eventually all your climbing gear shall fit and stay stable thanks to all attachments.

Sustainability promise by Salewa is met (as for all their products currently) by creating the backpack from Regen Robic, which is tear resistant 100% recyclable fabric.

I’m personally using Salewa products for some time. They are literally indestructible and if I knew this before, I’d pay more attention to the color selection because the backpack and other gear I have lasts long, long and I can’t tear it off :)



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